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Peaches and Brie

We’ve been busy in the test kitchen this season and have come up with the perfect hostess dish.  Peaches and Brie can be an appetizer, a complement to a meal or salad…or even a dessert.  Super simple with a touch of elegance!


1 square puff pastry (can be found in your frozen food section)

1 round of brie cheese

1 or 2 ripe peaches- peeled and cut into thin slices

1 tsp cinnamon (or to taste)

¼ cup brown sugar

Let’s Make it!

Allow the puff pastry to thaw overnight in your refrigerator.

Peel and slice the peaches into thin slices.

Place the round of brie on top of the puff pastry.  We took the “top” off the round of brie to allow for more melty goodness, but that is purely preferential.  The whole cheese is edible.

Top brie with peaches, cinnamon and brown sugar.

Score the corners of puff pastry (both sides) with a little water and a fork.  Fold together.  You can secure the corners with toothpicks.  The pastry will try to pull apart when it’s baking.

Bake for 25-30 mins at 350F, or until golden brown.*


*Or if you don’t want to heat the oven, wrap loosely in tin foil and grill for 25-30 mins.

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