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Adams County *Instant Pot* Applesauce

Fall is finally here!  We’ve been waiting for cool nights and a break from the intense heat in Pennsylvania.  We finally received a reprieve this past week as we head into a period of transition.  School is back in session, days become shorter, we adjust the clocks back and we start to crave the cozy warmth of our homes.  We’ve got some perfect recipes that capture the essence of fall, starting with our own version of applesauce.  As a bonus, we’re making it in our Instant Pot ®, so you can make something from scratch without chewing into your whole day.   Let’s get cooking!


5-7 mixed varieties of apples

white sugar

juice of 1 lemon

spices of your choosing (we love cinnamon!)



*apple pie spice


Peel, core then chop a mixed variety of apples.

  We used approximately 5-7 lbs of apples.

Fill Instant Pot to the max level of 2/3 full of apples.

Add your lemon juice, spices and sugar.

Set to high pressure for 4-5 minutes.*

*Please note, we used 5 minutes and our applesauce was quite thin.  Perfect for something like a baby food, but maybe not what you’re going for.  Upon making a 2nd batch, we found that reducing the cook time by a minute will make a more traditional texture.

Let the pressure naturally decompress for about 20 minutes.

Blend with an immersion blender to desired puree consistency.

We were going for a very simple, traditional recipe.  We added only ½ cup of white sugar and the juice of 1 lemon to our sauce.  The flavor was superb and it was not overly sweet.

This lasts about 10 days refrigerated, and doesn’t make an overwhelming amount of sauce.  However, if you feel you have too much to eat in that window of time, it freezes beautifully for about 3 months.

Printable- Applesauce

FAQ: Am I able to make this without an Instant Pot?  Absolutely, yes.  You would do everything the same, except cook the apples to their desired softness then blend with your immersion blender. Voila!

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